Month: April 2017

save wildlife
save wildlife poster

Around the world the half of the animal population has been declined and till 2030 approximate 70 % of animal population would be gone. We have already lost 50% of animal’s population including mammals, aquatic, birds, insects and reptiles. If the proper measured step will not be taken to save wildlife, we can lost everything and the natural food chain will be affected and misbalanced. Habitat loss due to human intervention an climate change affecting human and animal behaviors, thus the habitat becoming unfavorable to animals. Forests have been continuously destroying by the humans for various reasons, including colonization, agricultural activities, industry and other reasons. This is just like that you occupy someone land and ask them to go somewhere else. It is happening with the animals that humans destroy forests and occupy land for their use and either it kill the animals or the animals go to find some other place for living. In this process so many species die itself those cannot move fast or some other reason they die and vanish. Cannot we find some other solutions where without destroying the wildlife we can make development for us? Cannot we live together in our own world without disturbing each others?
By continuously increasing the human population yes we need the land for further development but can it be possible without harming wildlife. Yes it can be, but only thing is we need to work towards it seriously.
I have one example of elephant, they are becoming lesser every day due to the climate change and some other threatening reasons. Other than human population, climate change the poaching the elephant for ivory (tusks) is also a threat for elephant life. Several countries have already ban sale of elephant ivory towards elephant protection. We can save animals by ending illegal wildlife trade all over world. Save wildlife message should be communicate clearly at govt. level seriously. As per the records India have approximate 40000 elephant and continuously decreasing in numbers by expending human activities, climate change and habitat loss.
Save wildlife, save elephant

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