Icat College of Design and Media – Reception

icat design and media college reception
Reception and hall of icat college of Design, Media Communication. In the icat college this is the hall attached to the reception of icat college of design and media, Chennai, India. I was just sitting and thinking about the composition of objects kept in the hall including sofas, tables, a big service stool, led tv and some paintings were placed on the left side wall. There was a big painting on the right side wall in which a man holding the horse, giving the hall a unique artistic look. I started drawing objects one by one and it completed in this way, however I added some details to it at home. It was a nice, simple look of this calm and cool place. TV is also adding its presence and occupying some empty space, along with two paintings at the side are also filling up the space on the huge empty wall. At the front wall it is a painting of a horse on his two feet in the air is supposed to feel energetic while admiring the painting on the right side wall. It has been adding movements to this calm place, and the whole painting is giving us an artistic look. The man is standing with the horse providing stability and controlling the extra power of horse. The light is coming from the front and right side of the area and adding the beautiful cozy effect to the hall. The natural light coming through the glass is also adding the light and shades effect to the objects lying in the hall. I felt comfortable after completing this drawing with pencil.

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