Indian Art

three women, Indian art - pahari painting style

Indian art: The painting shown above is an example of pahari painting which is popularly known as Indian art. This Indian art form is influenced by Mughal art in India at Himachal and Uttranchal regions at North India. This is vector format of pahari painting style. In this Indian art which is known as pahari painting, generally used side profile of the face and used colours made of natural resources like flowers petals, rock, minerals extract etc. In the original pahari painting style the figures used to paint with light and dark peach colour for body and face with the side profile angle. The big eyes with beautiful eyebrows, well shaped lips and face decorated with ornaments give amazing effect to the overall painting. The pahari paintings are generally describe Radha – Krishna leela (story). These three women called gopies (gopy or saheli, friends of Radha), they are friends of radha the based on main mythological character which play with Krishna.

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