Linoleum Printing

Linoleum printing process

Lino print by Nahid Sikander
Lino print by Nahid Sikander

Hi Friends, I remember when I was in Fine Art College at Jamia Millia Islamia University, Okhla, New Delhi, India; I have done linoleum printing on paper, and I hope you also remember this workshop. It was a class assignment for us to make a design and transfer it to lino, engrave it and apply colour and print it. If you are an art student you can memorize that how you did this Lino printing. After a long time I am again doing this linoleum printing in Icat college where I am working as a faculty.

Here I will not discuss about the quality and used of linoleum, but yes I will talk about how we can use this Linoleum in present digital world, when everything is becoming digital from art work to print. The use of lino is not known for present generation, but with the use of digital technology they can also utilize this printing process in their life.

We everyone are fashion conscious and wants to be look different with unique dresses, shoes and other ornaments. We all love to wear T-shirts, but it is difficult to fine the t-shirts with unique designs, somewhere someone can be there who is wearing the same clothes as well. So here you can make difference by using the lino to print your own design on your stuff.

lino design, cutting and engraving
lino design, cutting and engraving

Prepare a design apply on the lino and print your unique artwork yourself on any of your stuff. Whether it is a cloth, sports goods, bag, wall painting, notebook and a gift pack etc, I will tell you the easy process of printing your artwork on any stuff or surface.

Linoleum printing with one colour:

First you prepare your design by hand or in computer digitally.

Make black and white division in your design.

Make a print on paper or if you can draw directly on the lino that you can also do.

Transfer your design on lino and add black colour as exactly you want the print.

You will get the negative and positive are in your design.

Now get the engraving tools and a cutter. Mark border with cutter and make the half deep cut in all borders of design.

Star engraving the positive area in you lino which is left blank and leave the black portion without engrave.

Finally you will get the engraved lino. Here you have to apply acrylic colour or any permanent paint colours on the lino by hard roller.

Lino print patterns
Lino print patterns

After applying colour to it just keep it on the surface and press from the backside of the lino by other roller.

You print is ready to show.


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