Save Elephant

save elephant poster
save elephant poster

The poster showing the skull of elephant which was alive before, so by this poster I tried to show the grief of elephants and want to educate people by spreading awareness through this poster that Elephants are the important part of our life and environment, so don’t kill them but save them.
Elephant does not need an introduction but need attention. It has been killed since long, and there are several reason behind killing them. It is the fact that we are building our space on their way or on their land, thus results the forest are becoming squeezing and human interfere in jungles has been increasing. Some time people kill elephants for safety purpose, to save their crops, to save their houses and as well as human life, but sometime they are killed to become a beautiful decorative items. Elephant bone and tusk (ivory) has been used in making handicrafts, jewellery, decorative, and other ornaments, which are in high demand in the grey market. Almost all over the world the trade of items made by elephant’s body part has been banned. In some areas people used to eat their flash for medicinal purpose. Elephant population has been continuously decreasing due to their regular illegal killing, and they need immediate attention to save their presence on earth.

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