Save Paper and Save Environment

save papers and save trees
save paper save trees

Another version of Poster on save paper for save trees and environment. We make paper from trees and use papers to make different things like books, note books, diary, cards, packaging box, news papers, magazines etc. By increasing population these products are in extra demand and we continuously cutting trees to fulfill the demand of industrialist who make papers. Through this We are destroying our trees and environment, thus effects lots of problem and threats we are facing from climate. This impact very bad to our natural cycle and causing climate problems, like drought, heavy rain, land sliding, less production of oxygen, pollution etc, we are affecting directly and indirectly through these bad impact on environment. It is time to seriously think and work towards save our natural assets, and trees are one of them. So by using less papers we can help our beautiful environment and also encourage less paper use so that we and our coming generation can get fresh environment and beautiful earth.

So from today itself STOP Wasting Papers and save trees.

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