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Prince making love with princes, Indian Art
Prince making love with princes, Indian Art

Indian art known for its colours and disparity thus the Indian culture known for its traditional art, we cannot separate both from each other.  It is evident that Indian art consists of various art forms at present days, however in ancient period the Indian art had been famous for different kind of sculptures, for that various kind of stones, metal and mixture of metals were used to make a variety of sculptures in a range of Indian art styles. Later the Indian artists developed different painting styles in different regions, influenced by the cultural and religious practice of people of India. Most of the art developed by the Indian artists were based on religious subjects, and was very successful in that period even though maximum number of art pieces sold in India is based on religious topics till date.  And yes music and dance are also part of Indian art so we cannot ignore them.

Indian art, paintings
Indian art, paintings

The art had been flourishing in India since it is started and artists were busy and had enough business in making sculptures for temple and other royal buildings. Different regions have different style of making art pieces whether it is a sculpture or a painting. Several Indian artists developed different styles of paintings in different periods known as Indian art. The paintings styles including Indian miniature paintings can be find in various regions, Mughal miniatures mostly North India like Rajasthan, Kangra/Guler school of art, Pahari paintings belong to hills areas of India like Basholi, Chamba in Himachal Pradesh and kashmir, Madhubani art Bihar, Kalighat school of art West Bengal, kalamkari and tanjavur painting style Tamilnadu,  warli paintings – Maharashtra, pattachitra belong to Odisha etc.


India is also famous for its art and crafts made by hand called Indian handicrafts. The styles including Bidri art style, metal craft of India differs from their North Indian and south Indian style, sculptures from north and south India are different in style and methods of making are also different. Terracotta art can be find in every village of India, stoneware, ceramic, Blue pottery, black pottery etc. Handicrafts also included textile art, eco friendly-crafts, jewellery, wood crafts etc.

India also known for its various folk art, tribal art and classical music and dance forms belong to various regions of India, Howevre there are several folk and classical dance forms in India, but some of the famous dance forms are listed here like Bharatanatyam dance form belong to Tamilnadu, Kathakali dance – Kerala, Odissi dance (nratya) Orissa, Manipuri dance, Bihu dance belong to Assam state,  Bhangra – Punjab,  kuchipudi – Andhra Pradesh, Kathak – North India, Kalbelia Rajasthan etc.

Famous Indian Art styles of India:

Contemporary Indian Art:

Mix styles

Mughal miniatures Delhi and Rajasthan
Rajasthan Miniature
Mewar School of Art
Pahari painting, Kangra school of art, Basholi, Chamba in Himachal Pradesh and kashmir
Madhubani art, Bihar
Kalighat school of art, West Bengal
Kalamkari and Tanjavur painting style, Tamilnadu
Warli paintings, Maharashtra
Pattachitra, Odisha

Mural Art:
Folk Art:
Street Art:


Wood carving
Stone carving
Metal technique
Other Material


Folk Music
South Indian
North Indian


Kathakali Dance

By: Nahid Sikander (Indian Contemporary Artist)
Sr. Lecturer at Icat Media and Design College, Chennai, India

Next Article will be on Contemporary Art of India.

Indian Art

mughal miniature painting by unknown artist
mughal miniature art style

Indian Art,
Mughal miniature style which is developed in Rajasthan.
This is Kishangarh art style painting, comes under rajasthani Miniature Art, a mixture of Indian and persian miniature art (Mughal miniature painting). This is a from one of the contemporary art of India by unknown artists from 17th century India. Same style done by One of the great painters of that period was Nihal Chand, he made several miniature paintings which are the marvel of current era, so it can be one of his painting.
There is a little confusion about Indian art, Mughal art, Rajasthani art and Pahari art style. When mughal came to India they had brought so many things with them and art was one of the important element of them, whether it is a textile art, architecture, paintings or sculpture art. After settled down of Mughals in India a different art style had been developed by mixing Indian and Persian art style, which is later known as Indian mughal Art style, how ever it is developed at the time of mughal period so it is also called mughal miniature style and it has been done in Rajasthan by Rajasthani artists so it is also called Rajasthani miniature art and the pahari miniature are aslo influenced by rajasthani miniature so we can see the similarity in all three styles we have discussed about. So over all they had been developed in India so we can say it is an Indian art style.

Indian Art

The Indian art in which Pahari Paintings are well known to all over world.

troupe of trumpeters Indian art, pahari paintingstroupe of trumpeters Indian art, pahari painting

The painting made by well known artist Nainsukh (pahari paintings)  in 17th century, we can see unity in design and movement and rhythm in design by repeating the activity performing by various musicians and artists, and also diversity in the painting, it is a piece of Indian art. Soft colours have been used to paint this beautiful pahari painting. Background has been kept plane with tint off white colour and platform painted with chrome yellow and orange.

troupe of trumpeters Indian art, outline
troupe of trumpeters Indian art, outline

Here is how this is made, you can see the outline of this painting and after that the colours have been filled by using different brushes. Trumpets can be seen in hand and artists are blowing the air in it to play music, Indian classical music.

The digital version of this painting is available, troupe of Trumpeters – vector image art, in digital format. We convert this beautiful painting into digital Indian art.

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