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New advertisement idea, It is my college project in which I was working to developed an idea for Pepsi advertisement or any other soft drink ads. The idea behind this ad is, The shadow is enjoying with pepsi soft drink and it is faster than you in any way to get the pepsi bottle or cane.

Pepsi new ad idea
Pepsi new ad idea – Richa in advertisement

In the first ad a model is on the photo shoot with pepsi bottle to make an advertisement for that, suddenly the shadow has taken the bottle to enjoy. The concept is to enjoy pepsi instead of making advertisement or a shoot.

Pepsi ad ideas
Pepsi ad idea – Bazma, Manzoor, Kabir, Richa and Suresh are in the advertisement

In another example of pepsi ad campaign is that a group of students or friends are racing to get the pepsi or running to get the pepsi bottle first, but the shadow of the people reached first and get the pepsi and enjoying it. I next all people will be going to fall without pepsi. So idea is to get the pepsi first before it is taken by the shadow.

Main idea is that the people are hiding them self by their shadow and try to enjoy it in the dark where shadow cannnot appear, but once the bottle is opened by the user and before getting drink it the shadow appear due to some light fall from any source like moving traffic, natural lightning in the rainy season, or someone open the light in his room, suddenly the light pole on the road light up, watch man comes with torch and immediately the bottle of pepsi taken by the shadow in a moment and he or she is shocked and afraid about it  and seeing shadow enjoying the pepsi. Immediately he/she try to run in the dark to disappear the shadow to enjoy the pepsi. Same thing can happen at different locations with various people or group. Like at jungle safari, tracking, waking on the road with pepsi, sitting in the restaurant, waiting in the hospital, in college, railway station, cycling track when cyclist about to take their drink and before that shadow comes first and took the drink etc.

So be aware of shadow , it can take your pepsi. “Pepsi may hai masti” Have fun.

It can be pepsi or coca cola new advertisement idea.

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