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mughal miniature painting by unknown artist
mughal miniature art style

Indian Art,
Mughal miniature style which is developed in Rajasthan.
This is Kishangarh art style painting, comes under rajasthani Miniature Art, a mixture of Indian and persian miniature art (Mughal miniature painting). This is a from one of the contemporary art of India by unknown artists from 17th century India. Same style done by One of the great painters of that period was Nihal Chand, he made several miniature paintings which are the marvel of current era, so it can be one of his painting.
There is a little confusion about Indian art, Mughal art, Rajasthani art and Pahari art style. When mughal came to India they had brought so many things with them and art was one of the important element of them, whether it is a textile art, architecture, paintings or sculpture art. After settled down of Mughals in India a different art style had been developed by mixing Indian and Persian art style, which is later known as Indian mughal Art style, how ever it is developed at the time of mughal period so it is also called mughal miniature style and it has been done in Rajasthan by Rajasthani artists so it is also called Rajasthani miniature art and the pahari miniature are aslo influenced by rajasthani miniature so we can see the similarity in all three styles we have discussed about. So over all they had been developed in India so we can say it is an Indian art style.

Indian Art