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Don’t Kill Rhinos, but save them. They are also a part of this beautiful nature and have rights to live. So save animals, don’t kill them for their horn.

save rhinos
save rhinos

So stop killing Rhinos, the amazing creatures of nature.

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Save Rhinoceros.
People have been killing Rhinoceros for long for their horns. The Rhinoceros is now included into endangered species. Don’t kill this beautiful animal, save it for future.

Save Rhinoceros
Save Rhinoceros

Save Wildlife, Save Animals

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save earth
save earth

Poster design on save earth. Due to lots of pollution world wide the Earth has been badly affected. The cause of this social issue are industrial waste pollution, Air pollution, traffic pollution, Military activity pollution, war pollution, water pollution etc. So I appeal to the public that stop pollution to save our beautiful Earth so that the future generation can also have better environment and fresh air for breath as well as fresh water to drink. So STOP POLLUTION


stop hunting save animals
Poster stop hunting before they perish, save tigers, save animals

Poster save animals is asking people to stop hunting before they perish.
The People realising now that what the loss we have done for our environment, by killing animals and plants. So people started awareness programme to save animals, oceans, rivers, lake and plants to benefit earth. If we dig the history of animal killing tiger comes at first place and its hunt was horrible, because in the past the tigers were like enemy of humans and the tiger hunt is like the certificate of bravery, Raja Maharajas, king and queens were hunting for their enjoyment and symbolized strength. Even now a days tigers in India have been killing and poaching illegally, due to highly paid products made of tiger’s skin and bone also other parts have been used in making Chinese medicine. So animals have been continuously killed by man for any purpose or without. This arising a big environment dis balance threat world wide. So avoid this situation we should make people aware about the loss of earth. Due to increasing human population the forests (jungle) have been squeezing fast and human colonies are taking space on animal home. So all the natural life and their habitats have been effected by these human activities. Because of this unplanned extensions of human life and their creations. We have to think seriously about the animals and other natural assets to preserve them to save earth.

Tigers and other animals are assets to nature and we should preserve them.

Stop killing animal poster is a part of campaign making people aware of save animal but not kill them, they are the part of out healthy earth.

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save wildlife, save tiger
poster save wildlife, save tiger

Once Upon a time it was alive,
People are destroying jungles and animal, all wildlife is in danger. By saving animals like tiger we can say in future to our next generation that this is a tiger. But by increasing demand in grey market the tigers are under threat. There are some other option we can use to decorate our house like artificial floor mat, or man made items. When there are hundreds of options available then why we need to kill animals. So stop hunting and live them their natural life. Be them the live beauty of jungle instead of decoration deadly at home. Save Tiger save wildlife and save our environment.

save tiger and save animals
Poster save tiger and save animals

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save wildlife and zebra
save wildlife and zebra

Save wildlife poster developed to protect wildlife animals, it is showing the products made of zebra hide or zebra skin and people are using without hesitation. So Think about when we can use some other material for developing different products with the same look and feel so why we are killing animals for that. Think Once and save wildlife. They are the beauty as well as natural assets for us.

save wildlife and save zebra
poster on save wildlife, save zebra

Products made of animal hide or animals skin, why we cannot use some other material for making these products, think once and save wildlife. There are some other options available in the world for making any products with same look and feel, so why we still need to kill these beautiful animal, they help to protect our environment and life cycle.

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save wildlife poster
save wildlife, an idea of awareness

This is poster on save wildlife, image showing the zebra hide, generally people hunt zebra for their hide or skin. I tried to spread awareness about not to use their hide when we can use some other materials for the same texture and design. The illustration of poster developed in Adobe Illustrator and colours used in the poster are dark brown, black and green. So Think once and save wildlife.  Visual communication is a medium through which we can educate people about save wildlife.

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