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save swan, birds and wildlife
save swan, birds and wildlife

I have painted this amazing beauty by water colours on paper, this painting of swan bird has so many emotions in it.
Save wildlife, by saving these birds we should preserve the natural beauty blessed by god. These beautiful swans are becoming victim of hunting and killing. So my appeal is to people that don’t kill these beautiful birds like swan and other wildlife animals. The swan has beautiful white feathers, swimming calmly in the dark blue water, and making the whole environment beautiful. The reflection of swan in the water is also making its appearance on the shining surface of lake. Long rounded, curvy neck is looking beautiful, and the dark orange beak towards the ground (water) is showing its elegant look. Looking down is depicting her down to earth however she is beautiful enough. It is looking like swan is making appearance on the ramp with catwalk on the fashion show with beautiful white feathery dress. And supposing to saying that how can you kill us, although we are beautiful enough to make you feel good while you would be walking in the nature.

swan painting water colours
swan painting water color

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