Troupe of Trumpeters, Indian Art

The Indian art in which Pahari Paintings are well known to all over world.

troupe of trumpeters Indian art, pahari paintingstroupe of trumpeters Indian art, pahari painting

The painting made by well known artist Nainsukh (pahari paintings)  in 17th century, we can see unity in design and movement and rhythm in design by repeating the activity performing by various musicians and artists, and also diversity in the painting, it is a piece of Indian art. Soft colours have been used to paint this beautiful pahari painting. Background has been kept plane with tint off white colour and platform painted with chrome yellow and orange.

troupe of trumpeters Indian art, outline
troupe of trumpeters Indian art, outline

Here is how this is made, you can see the outline of this painting and after that the colours have been filled by using different brushes. Trumpets can be seen in hand and artists are blowing the air in it to play music, Indian classical music.

The digital version of this painting is available, troupe of Trumpeters – vector image art, in digital format. We convert this beautiful painting into digital Indian art.

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